A large part of our services is also represented by installations in industry.

Installations in the industry also represent a large part of our services. These are the most demanding, so an experienced and professionally trained team is vital. With an understanding of complex systems and knowledge of mechanical installations, we can perform our work with quality and lasting. The thermal insulation industry represents the vast majority of mechanical installation services in our company.

Our installation services in the industry mainly include:

  • Welding and pipework
  • Cooling of smelting furnaces (a blast furnace)
  • Hot water and steam pipelines
  • Compressed air distribution and hardware connection
  • Technological distribution of gases and liquids
  • Industrial heat recuperation
  • Fire protection systems
Eco fund - incentives for your investments Eco fund - incentives for your investments

Eco fund - incentives for your investments

Non-refundable financial incentives for using renewable energy sources and greater energy efficiency of residential buildings in the entire territory of the Republic of Slovenia in the range of EUR 1,000 to 2,500 are available to natural persons.

Get a heating grant today. Contact us, and we will prepare a budget and a complete application with which you will be able to apply for the tender. 

You can read more about the tender and the loan at the link ECO FUND. 

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