We also enter into a maintenance contract

We can also conclude a maintenance contract for your system's smooth and uninterrupted operation. The advantages of this type of maintenance are that we get to know your system well and, with regular troubleshooting, prevent major issues, which could also mean a high cost for you. In the case of contract maintenance, the response times are shorter so that errors can be rectified in a significantly faster time.

Advantages of contract maintenance:

  • pre-known maintenance costs and transparent control over these
  • service and implementation at the customer's location
  • short response time and error correction deadline
  • replacement equipment if the fault cannot be rectified within the agreed time
Eco fund - incentives for your investments Eco fund - incentives for your investments

Eco fund - incentives for your investments

Non-refundable financial incentives for using renewable energy sources and greater energy efficiency of residential buildings in the entire territory of the Republic of Slovenia in the range of EUR 1,000 to 2,500 are available to natural persons.

Get a heating grant today. Contact us, and we will prepare a budget and a complete application with which you will be able to apply for the tender. 

You can read more about the tender and the loan at the link ECO FUND. 

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